Language Learning Motivation in Japan

Edited by Matthew T. Apple, Dr. Dexter Da Silva, Terry Fellner

Publication date:

01 October 2013

Length of book:

344 pages


Multilingual Matters



ISBN-13: 9781783090501

This book synthesises current theory and research on L2 motivation in the EFL Japanese context carried out by internationally recognized researchers and upcoming researcher-educators working in various educational contexts in Japan. Topics covered include the issues of cultural identity, demotivation, language communities, positive psychology, possible L2 selves and internationalisation within a key EFL context. The studies in the book utilise a wide variety of research methodologies aiming to narrow the gap between theory and practice and examine L2 motivation in primary, secondary and tertiary education. This volume will be of interest to research/teacher professionals who are currently engaged in active ESL/EFL practice, EFL educators, researchers, and teacher-trainers both inside and outside Japan, who are interested in research on L2 motivation in general and within the Japanese context in particular, as well as graduate and postgraduate researchers.

This volume explores a variety of exciting topics regarding L2 motivation research in Japan. A particular strength of this anthology is the focus on the importance of the cultural context. In addition, various research methods and approaches are presented in a well-balanced manner. I am sure that no reader will leave this volume empty-handed.