Publication date:

05 October 2018

Length of book:

378 pages


Burleigh Dodds Science Publishing



ISBN-13: 9781786761569

"The book provides an excellent overview of banana cultivation across the world and how the adaptation and adoption of inter-disciplinary management strategies ensure sustainable production…a comprehensive foundation of knowledge on which future research strategies can be built." ISHS - Chronica Horticulturae

This volume reviews key recent research on improving banana cultivation. Part 1 reviews current challenges in banana production. Part 2 surveys ways of improving cultivation practice across the value chain, from propagation to harvesting, packaging and ripening. The final part of the book assesses ways of measuring and improving the environmental impact of banana cultivation.

Highlights of the book include: the latest research on banana domestication and genetic diversity; new research on the limitations of current good agricultural practices and how areas such as soil health can be improved; and summaries of best practice in neglected but critical areas such as harvesting and ripening operations.

Drawing on an international range of expertise, the collection will be a standard reference for the banana research community as well as banana producers.

Key features

  • Assesses current yields in different regions and constraints in improving productivity
  • Discusses all the key stages in cultivation needed to make banana production more efficient
  • Reviews ways of assessing and improving the sustainability of banana cultivation

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"This book provides an excellent and complete overview of banana production in the world. Considering the rapid evolution of banana production in the last couple of decades, it provides a timely update of current information. The contributing authors are among the best experts in banana research worldwide, making this book the future reference volume for this important crop." Dr Emile Frison, Former Director General of Bioversity International