Regimes of Happiness

Comparative and Historical Studies

Edited by Yuri Contreras-Vejar, Joanna Tice Jen, Bryan S Turner

Publication date:

15 March 2019

Length of book:

266 pages


Anthem Press



ISBN-13: 9781783088850

'Regimes of Happiness' is a comparative and historical analysis of how human societies have articulated and enacted distinctive notions of human fulfillment, determining divergent moral, ethical and religious traditions, and incommensurate and conflicting understanding of the meaning of the ‘good life’. A two-part book, it provides a historical view of the way in which Western societies, the descendants of the Latin Roman Empire, created languages and institutions that established specifi c and occasionally antithetical conceptions of a fulfilled human life or ‘happiness’ in the first part. In the second part, it explores how non-Western societies and non-Christian religions have conceived and established their own ideals of human perfection. 'Regimes of Happiness' is a critical reflection on modern notions of happiness which are typically focused on individual feelings of pleasure.

‘An outstanding array of scholars provide a rich body of evidence about, insights into, and analysis of happiness. The reader will be particularly happy to note that the exploration benefits greatly from a solid comparative perspective.’
—Amitai Etzioni, Author of Happiness Is the Wrong Metric