Body and Mind in Motion

Dance and Neuroscience in Conversation

By (author) Glenna Batson, Margaret Wilson

Hardback - £43.00

Publication date:

15 September 2014

Length of book:

254 pages


Intellect Books



ISBN-13: 9781783201792

Western contemporary dance and body-mind education have engaged in a pas de deux for more than four decades. The rich interchange of somatics and dance has altered both fields, but scholarship that substantiates these ideas through the findings of twentieth-century scientific advances has been missing. This book fills that gap and brings to light contemporary discoveries of neuroscience and somatic education as they relate to dance. Drawing from the burgeoning field of 'embodiment' – itself an idea at the intersection of the sciences, humanities, arts and technologies – Body and Mind in Motion highlights the relevance of somatic education within dance education, dance science and body-mind studies.

'It is a very exciting book in which any possible correlations between body, mind and movement are analyzed in a simple and never boring way.'