Recruiting and Retaining Lawyers

Innovative Strategies to Attract, Develop and Retain Legal Talent

Edited by Rebecca Normand-Hochman

Publication date:

01 February 2017

Length of book:

177 pages


Globe Law and Business



ISBN-13: 9781911078159

The competition for talent that leading experts started to describe in the 1990s has now become a reality in the legal profession. Like most industries across the globe, the legal industry is facing a shortage of exceptional people. Although in some jurisdictions there are more lawyers than the market can absorb, the reality is that the number of lawyers with the right skills is limited and that organisations are fighting to attract and retain the best professionals in a legal market that has become globalised and where mobility is now the norm. The ability of law firms to adopt innovative and tailored recruitment and retention strategies for their size, culture and market has become a strategic priority and one of the biggest determinants for a firm’s competitive success. This practical handbook, coordinated by Rebecca Normand-Hochman on behalf of the International Bar Association, explores the opportunities and challenges for adopting effective recruitment, development and retention strategies. Featuring chapters by leading experts in the field, the topics covered include the new employer proposition, equipping partners with the skills and abilities to retain talent, working with legal search consultants, and ways to approach the recruitment and retention of talented people in first-generation law firms. The publication provides innovative insights and practical guidance for law firm leaders, business professionals and partners. It aims to enable them to introduce, develop or reshape their people strategy, making their firm capable of getting the best recruits on board – and then developing, retaining and promoting accomplished professionals in order to provide a first-class service to clients.