Business Development

A Practical Handbook for Lawyers

Edited by Stephen Revell

Hardback - £130.00

Publication date:

01 February 2016

Length of book:

240 pages


Globe Law and Business



ISBN-13: 9781911078005

In today’s market it takes more than legal acumen and experience for a law firm to be successful. Managing and developing a legal practice has never been more challenging or competitive. Business development is vital to both retaining existing clients and developing new ones, and central to law firm management and strategy. This practical guide, edited by Stephen Revell at Freshfields, takes readers through the tools and skills needed to implement effective business development, including the importance of good communications and public relations. It addresses the prominence of the client perspective and looks at the regulation and ethics behind business development and what the future of business development looks like. It also answers the questions – can you teach business development and can lawyers sell? The chapters cover the practical elements – such as the nuts and bolts of experience lists and what the perfect pitch looks like – as well as the strategic elements – including the variety of structures and approaches to business development at all sizes of law firms. 'Business Development: A Practical Handbook for Lawyers' is a one-stop shop on business development for lawyers in private practice, but it will also be of interest to in-house lawyers and academics.
There are rich, shiny, valuable nuggets in every chapter of this book. Examining these with a magnifying glass, polishing and practising these skills, will enable lawyers and law firms to perfect their business development skills.