Thermodynamics of Complex Systems

Principles and applications

By (author) Professor Vladimir N. Pokrovskii

Publication date:

03 August 2020

Length of book:

212 pages


Institute Of Physics Publishing



ISBN-13: 9780750334495

This text provides a concise introduction to non-equilibrium thermodynamics of open, complex systems using a first-principles approach. In the first chapters, the principles of thermodynamics of complex systems are discussed. The subsequent chapters apply the principles to the dynamics of chemical reactions and complex fluids, growth and development of biological organisms, and the dynamics of social structures and institutes. The final chapter discusses the principles of science as an artificial system.

The book is a valuable reference text for researchers interested in thermodynamics and complex systems, and useful supplementary reading for graduate courses on advanced thermodynamics, thermodynamics of non-equilibrium systems and thermodynamics of complex/open systems.

Key Features 

  • Provides a concise introduction to non-equilibrium thermodynamics of open complex systems, using a first-principles approach
  • Discusses thermodynamics as the universal tool for the description of reality
  • Looks at complex systems, such as biological organisms, populations and subsystems of human society from the perspective of thermodynamics
  • Covers principles, applications and statistical interpretations