David, Messianism, and Eschatology

Ambiguity in the Reception History of the Book of Psalms in Judaism and Christianity

Edited by Erkki Koskenniemi, David Willgren Davage

Paperback - £39.95

Publication date:

22 January 2021

Length of book:

418 pages


Åbo Akademi University

ISBN-13: 9789521239410

During the Second Temple period and the first centuries CE, the Book of Psalms grew to become one of the most popular books of the Hebrew Bible. As a book related to David, the important king of the past, it enjoyed a prime place in both Christian and Jewish traditions. Given the ambiguous portrayal of David and his relation to the psalms in the Hebrew Bible itself, it is not surprising that the continuous interaction with psalms over time also bears witness to various attempts to manage this ambiguity. As David and the psalms became related not only to Israel’s historical past, but also to its eschatological future, including the notion of messianism, the emerging picture is diverse, and it has long been a subject for scholarly inquiry. This book enters into this discussion by providing new and thought provoking answers to the long standing questions. Twelve renowned scholars provide contributions dealing with material ranging from ancient Ugaritic texts to early Christian and Jewish writers, including the books of the Hebrew Bible, the literature of the late Second Temple period, and the New Testament.