Understanding and Enriching Problem Solving in Primary Mathematics

By (author) Patrick Barmby, David Bolden, Lynn Thompson

Ebook (VitalSource) - £18.99

Publication date:

19 May 2014

Length of book:

144 pages


Critical Publishing

ISBN-13: 9781909330719

This up to date book is essential reading for all those teaching or training to teach primary mathematics. Problem solving is a key aspect of teaching and learning mathematics, but also an area where teachers and pupils often struggle. Set within the context of the new primary curriculum and drawing on research and practice, the book identifies the key knowledge and skills required in teaching and learning problem solving in mathematics, and examines how these and can be applied in the classroom. It explores the issues in depth while remaining straightforward and relevant, emphasises the enrichment of maths through problem-solving, and provides opportunities for teachers to reflect on and further develop their classroom practice.

What I liked about the book:  

a. Contents cover a good range of topics

b. Good mix of theory and practice

c. The use of critical questions and reflections enables students to think about and develop their subject knowledge and classroom practice  

d. Clarity of the information

There was nothing I particularly disliked!