Reflective Teaching and Learning in Further Education

By (author) Keith Appleyard, Nancy Appleyard Edited by Susan Wallace

Ebook (VitalSource) - £18.99

Publication date:

29 May 2015

Length of book:

152 pages


Critical Publishing

ISBN-13: 9781909682870

This book looks at critical reflection as a key skill for all teachers in further education (FE) and an important part of the new Professional Standards. In particular the text explores the key themes of self-awareness, planning, managing behaviour and CPD in relation to reflective practice to demonstrate how it can support those areas of teaching that most often cause concern. The limitations and benefits of reflection are analysed and action research is identified as an important facet in developing professional reflective practice which can in turn enhance both the personal and professional life of FE teachers.  

I really like the critical thinking activities and will be using some of the tasks within my own teaching.  Communication and managing behaviour is very topical and one which learners always seek further advice, so this again was very useful. Possibly one of the more useable and relevant books on reflective practice.