Understanding and supporting behaviour through emotional intelligence

A critical guide for secondary teachers

By (author) Victor Allen

Ebook (VitalSource) - £14.99

Publication date:

30 June 2014

Length of book:

136 pages


Critical Publishing

ISBN-13: 9781909330788

The behaviour of students is a common concern and challenge for those working in secondary schools. In addition there is continued government emphasis on behaviour as an important educational issue. This book, aimed at all secondary trainees and teachers, takes a fresh approach to the topic and looks at how an understanding of behaviour types and new findings on the development of the brain can increase emotional intelligence, improve classroom behaviour, promote stress-free teaching and so enhance learning in the secondary school.  This accessible text combines both theory and practice, encourages reflection throughout, and offers a wealth of ideas and resources to help teachers develop their skills in this area. 

he book is useful as it is written in quite a readable style and presents cases for consideration, so it isn't completely theory based.  Also it asks my students to consider something they may not have thought about previously as they have largely been successful within the education system to be on the course.