War and Society in Medieval Wales 633-1283

Welsh Military Institutions

By (author) Sean Davies

Publication date:

15 January 2014

Length of book:

260 pages


English Language



ISBN-13: 9781783161393

This text offers an examination of Welsh military organization, strategy, tactics and conduct in war which goes beyond the military sphere and touches on all aspects of Welsh society in this period. It helps to explain the transformation of the country from a part of post-Roman medieval Europe to the series of independent principalities eventually conquered by Edward I. The author questions many of the traditional assumptions, notably the tendency to see the Welsh (and the Irish and the Scottish) as "barbaric" and provides a corrective to these current views. It demonstrates that, whilst allowing for differences given the nature, economy, geography and topography of the country, Welsh military developments from the end of Roman rule to the Edwardian conquest generally correspond to those seen in the rest of Western Europe.
...the volume succeeds admirably in presenting an alternative to the somewhat caricatured 'noble savages' view of medieval Welsh military forces, and in doing so makes a major contribution to the subject. - History Davies marshals the material to create a sound, scholarly, and surprisingly comprehensive chronological account of the development of Welsh military institutions through six and a half centuries. This excellent book should have its place on the shelf of anyone who wishes to understand the Welsh Middle Ages. - J. R. Davies, University of Edinburgh, Cambrian Medieval Celtic Studies