Graphic Anaesthesia

Essential diagrams, equations and tables for anaesthesia

By (author) Tim Hooper, James Nickells, Sonja Payne, Annabel Pearson, Ben Walton

Publication date:

21 September 2015

Length of book:

262 pages


Scion Publishing



ISBN-13: 9781907904332

Graphic Anaesthesia is a compendium of the diagrams, graphs, equations and tables needed in anaesthetic practice.

Each page covers a separate topic to aid rapid review and assimilation. The relevant illustration, equation or table is presented alongside a short description of the fundamental principles of the topic and with clinical applications where appropriate. All illustrations have been drawn using a simple colour palette to allow them to be easily reproduced in an exam setting.

The book includes sections covering:
  • physiology
  • pharmacodynamics and kinetics
  • physics
  • equipment
  • anatomy
  • drugs
  • clinical measurement
  • statistics.
By combining all the illustrations, equations and tables with concise, clinically relevant explanations, Graphic Anaesthesia is therefore:
  • the ideal revision book for all anaesthetists in training
  • a valuable aide-memoire for senior anaesthetists to use when teaching and examining trainees.

From reviews:
"Graphic Anaesthesia is a well-written, easy-to-read book, ideal for trainees studying for primary FRCA examinations... It will be an ideal companion for preparing for exams." Ulster Medical Journal, May 2016
"Graphic Anaesthesia is an excellent revision tool that allows trainees approaching exams to prepare in an efficient and simple format. It is a refreshing and unique resource that should be included on any essential revision reading list." European Journal of Anaesthesiology 2016; 33: 610.
"The diagrams are very clear, the explanations accurate and concise and to pack 245 items into a small reference book is no mean feat…. Each diagram is drawn in just four colours to enable them to be reproduced easily from memory. This intuitive approach was an eye-opener to me and a valuable lesson in simplicity without losing any essential detail. This is something from which many educators could learn and indeed transfer that skill…This is a quality book that could be a useful investment across the spectrum of practitioners involved in anaesthesia and the teaching of anaesthesia." Journal of Perioperative Practice March 2017, volume 27, issue 3
Five-star reviews:

Recommended! "Great book with excellent diagrams. Very easy to understand. Missing topics such as immunity etc, but they don't lend themselves to very simple diagrams and you have to draw a line somewhere in what you choose not to include!" Amazon reviewer

Hidden gem "This was recommended by a friend who has passed the exams. This book is great for summary. So what I did was I read one of the other text books on the topic and this book helps direct me to how to answer during the exams" Amazon reviewer

Excellent book "Summarises key topics and shows clear pictures and graphs suitable for primary FRCA. Highly recommend and wished I'd have had it earlier in the exam process." Amazon reviewer

Excellent for OSCE viva "Excellent! Great diagrams to focus your Viva answers" Amazon reviewer

Five Stars "Excellent book for revision." Amazon reviewer

A must have book for primary FRCA "Clearly explains, with well drawn diagrams, many of the important aspects of the exam syllabus in a friendly, easy to read format." Amazon reviewer

Essential revision resource! "Clear diagrams and concise text with great layout. Brings together all the different areas of the curriculum into one book, which makes it ideal for Primary FRCA revision. I particularly like the anatomy section, this is something which is hard to find in in a useful format in other books. Lots of useful comparison tables. Wish I'd had it from the beginning of my revision!" Amazon reviewer