Catch Up Chemistry, second edition

For the Life and Medical Sciences

By (author) Mitch Fry, Elizabeth Page

Publication date:

05 September 2012

Length of book:

212 pages


Scion Publishing



ISBN-13: 9781904842897

If you are about to study for a degree in the life or medical sciences, you will need to understand some core facts and concepts in chemistry. You do not need to be a budding chemist but you do need to be comfortable with chemical terms and principles.

Catch up Chemistry, second edition, will bring you up to speed with the subject and will lay the foundations of chemistry in those topics that will underpin your studies, such as:
  • the nature of atomic structure and molecular bonding
  • the properties of biological molecules and macromolecules
  • the gas laws
  • the special properties of water
  • thermodynamic concepts in biology
  • biological transport mechanisms and transporters
  • understanding reaction mechanisms and kinetics
  • deriving energy from molecules
At every stage the authors remind you of the relevance of this chemistry to your life or medical sciences course - this is not just chemistry for the sake of it. The book also contains a lot of questions (and answers), so that you can test your understanding at any time - it really does get easier with practice!
Five-star reviews:

"Excellent introduction / revision of chemistry essentials for the biological sciences student – presented in a very clear and understandable format."

"Perfect for university student"

Five stars
"Great to get me up to scratch for uni."

A great boook as a refresher or to understand biological applications of chemistry
"As a mature student studying the biological/biomedical sciences, it's been a long time since I studied chemistry. My university recommended this book and I'm so glad they did.
One of the biggest things I struggle with is applying chemistry to biology. I can understand chemistry concepts in a bubble, but when figuring out how they apply to biology I struggle, this book helpfully applies all the chemistry to the life sciences in an easy to understand way.
It's not a text book, I think if you're struggling with chemistry as a whole you will need other books alongside this as a reference, but if you are looking for ways to apply chemistry knowledge to biology or an overview of chemistry already learnt for revision purposes it's great. It's a really easy to read book."

Just what I expected
" I am really pleased with this book, thank you – this book is just as good as expected, if not better."

Five stars
"Really helped me with my course!"