PCR: Methods Express

Edited by Simon Hughes, Adrian Moody

Publication date:

01 May 2007

Length of book:

348 pages


Scion Publishing



ISBN-13: 9781904842293

PCR is the most widely used technique in molecular biology. New PCR variants offering substantial benefits to existing protocols appear on a frequent basis. PCR: Methods Express describes the very latest PCR-based methodologies and approaches to provide the most up-to-date practical advice on how to tackle a broad range of biological problems including:

*real time qRT-PCR
*rapid generation of gene targeting constructs
*PCR multiplexes
*PCR-based mutagenesis
*identification of microdeletions and microduplications

*DNA methylation analysis
*forensic genetic DNA typing
*identification of mutations in single cells
*whole genome amplification
*diagnosis of infectious diseases
*inverse PCR-based RFLP

This book is a comprehensive research guide; every chapter discusses the merits and limitations of the available approaches and then provides fully-proven protocols with hints and tips for success. PCR: Methods Express is an essential laboratory manual for researchers in all life science fields and at all levels, from postgraduate student to principal investigator.