Practical Parenting and Learning Disabilities

A Simple Guide for Teachers and Parents

By (author) Susan Maynard

Paperback - £14.95

Publication date:

10 July 2014

Length of book:

82 pages


Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

ISBN-13: 9781475810448

This two part guide is written in order to help parents simplify their lives as well as their children's lives. The first part is a straightforward guide to discipline that will help make everyone's lives more secure and content. It helps parents establish limits and guidelines for what their children are or are not allowed to do. The second part is a guide to help parents secure and receive the proper education for their children. It helps to identify learning styles and learning disabilities. This is simply a guide that may make life with your children easier and more enjoyable. The ideas are straightforward and simply stated in an easy to carry, handy booklet.
Sue Maynard helps parents and teachers recognize the indicators of learning disabilities in children. She follows with wonderful instruments of assessment, and, best of all, strategies for helping the child to be more focused and effective.