Publication date:

28 February 2006

Length of book:

258 pages


Lexington Books

ISBN-13: 9780739113127

Trafficking of persons (mostly women and children) for commercial sexual activities and forced labor is one of the fastest growing areas of international crime. The United Nations estimates that 4 million men, women, and children become victims of international trafficking each year.
Trafficking & the Global Sex Industry focuses on the international trafficking of women and children for forced labor and prostitution. This remarkable anthology takes a broad geographical and economical perspective while also dealing with the specificities of the socio-political background, poverty, opportunity structure, legal conditions, the role of the state, gender structure, and the organization of the trafficking business. The essays create a link from country to country, demonstrating the worldwide nature of the problem. Expertly written and well researched, this collection gives the reader a clearer understanding of the problem and the actions being taken to combat it. Trafficking & the Global Sex Industry will have a broad market for readers on a national and international level, especially among those interested in political science, women's studies, international relations, and criminology.
This collection provides an important contribution to an emerging field of scholarship. Drawing together specialists from around the world, it provides a unique perspective on trafficking from many regions of the world. Its focus on organized crime and the role of civil conflicts in the increase in trafficking brings an important perspective to an ongoing debate on the causes and facilitators of trafficking.