Mobile Social Marketing in Libraries

By (author) Samantha C. Helmick Series edited by Ellyssa Kroski

Publication date:

20 August 2015

Length of book:

126 pages


Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

ISBN-13: 9781442243804

Snapchat, a new photo and video sharing mobile app logs over 400 million messages every day. Instagram, a similar mobile app boasts over 130 million users. And the 6-second video-making app Vine has skyrocketed to 40 million users within its first year. Discover how you can leverage the popularity of these new mobile social applications for your library by joining these social networks and creating engaging content. Learn how to encourage library patrons to create their own content and tag it with the library’s location. Mobile Social Marketing in Libraries walks you through the process of planning, creating, and sharing mobile social marketing content for your library.

This practical handbook leads readers through the process of planning, creating, and sharing mobile social marketing content for their library, offering insight into the essentials of using mobile social marketing apps in the context of library engagement. Successfully advertise a new series of programs, promote traditional resources, and place a hand on the pulse of the library’s service community with steps included in this book including:

  • How to Create a Teen Library Tumblr
  • How to Use Snapchat for Library Social Media Marketing
  • How to Provide Reader’s Advisory Through Instagram
  • How to Use Instagram for Library Marketing
  • How to Use Vine for Library Instruction
  • How to Host a Library Contest for Twitter
  • How to Create a Facebook Group for a Library Book Club
I enthusiastically recommend the Library Technology Essentials series. Many libraries will want to invest in the entire set as a professional development resource since they will inevitably face some degree of involvement with each of the volume topics. Library technologists will want one of these books at their side as they launch new projects or initiatives. Ellyssa Kroski has shepherded a collection that makes an important contribution to the professional practice of library technology.