Eldercare 101

A Practical Guide to Later Life Planning, Care, and Wellbeing

By (author) Mary Jo Saavedra With Susan Cain McCarty, Theresa Giddings, Rev. Lawrence Hansen, Benjamin B. Hellickson, Joyce Sjoberg, Sara K. Yen Edited by Ruth Matinko-Wald

Publication date:

11 August 2016

Length of book:

310 pages


Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

ISBN-13: 9781442265462

The Silver Tsunami is upon us as elder care and crisis management reaches a tipping point with the graying of America. By 2020, 54 million people in the U.S. will be over the age of 65; by 2030, that number will top 80 million. Feeling the squeeze of multi-generational home demands, children of aging parents are struggling to learn innovative eldercare management strategies and often find themselves overwhelmed by the many facets of caregiving. Eldercare 101 is the answer to making order from chaos. As a guide covering all aspects of aging and end-of-life in one place, caregivers will no longer spend endless nights trying to decode the Internet trail--confused, uncertain, and fearful of what they’re missing. Whether they are proactively planning ahead or need to have fast answers, this comprehensive, technology-rich resource presents steppingstones for the Sandwich Generation as they navigate caring for aging parents, grandparents, friends, and other family members.

Eldercare 101 is a well-researched, organized, easy-to-understand guide for families desperately in need of help as they care for their aging loved ones. The book is organized into “6 pillars of aging wellbeing”: legal, financial, living environment, social, medical, and spiritual. Each pillar is explored by an expert and offers best practices and tips for evaluating choices, making decisions, and living well wherever the road might lead.
Gerontologist and 'aging life-care manager'Saavedra, with the help of other experts on the elderly, delivers on the promise in her subtitle. She divides her guide to caring for parents and other family members into six useful sections: 'Legal Ease,' 'Money Matters,' 'Living Environment Options,' 'Social Considerations,' 'Navigating the Medical Maze,' and 'Spirituality and the End of Life.' Making ample use of boldface type and shaded boxes, she defines such terms as power of attorney (a legal document that gives someone the authority to sign documents and conduct transactions on another person’s behalf) and intestacy (dying without a will) in each chapter and also in a glossary at the end.... [T]his just-the-facts service guide gathers a large amount of good information in one place and fills a serious need: the over-65 population will number 54 million by 2020 and 80 million by 2030. Saavedra’s book will get a lot of use.