Controlling Reproduction

An American History

Edited by Andrea Tone

Publication date:

01 October 1996

Length of book:

234 pages


Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

ISBN-13: 9780842025744

Few topics stir stronger interest than birth control and abortion. Divisive opinions abound. This informative, detailed text contains 39 writings on the history of reproduction in the U.S. The historical path of reproduction control is viewed in the contexts of politics, law, medicine, sexuality, business, and social change.

Because birth control has been construed chiefly as a female responsibility, Controlling Reproduction stresses the centrality of gender in the history of reproduction and explores how and why reproduction-as a biological, social, and economic function-became a gender-assigned issue. Controlling Reproduction also includes some of the most significant debates currently guiding the study of reproduction. Students will find this work a powerful, enlightening source on women's issues and the history of birth control in the United States.

This book traces the history of the reproduction rights movement in the United States. . . . From Cornelia Dayton's essay on abortion in eighteenth-century New England to Rosalind Petchesky's examination of birth control politics, Controlling Reproduction contains a wealth of material on every aspect of reproductive freedom. Contains a wealth of material on every aspect of reproductive freedommmm