Gay Families and the Courts

The Quest for Equal Rights

By (author) Susan Gluck Mezey

Publication date:

16 October 2009

Length of book:

290 pages


Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

ISBN-13: 9780742562189

Susan Gluck Mezey's newest book, Gay Families and the Courts, is a compelling examination of the role of the state and federal courts in furthering the goals of the gay and lesbian community. Unlike Mezey's earlier book, Queers in Court, this book evaluates the extent to which litigation is effective in advancing equal rights for gay families—families in which at least one member is gay—as they seek to expand their opportunities and battle discrimination. Mezey shows how the courts address gay and lesbian rights and sexual orientation in schools and social organizations such as the Boy Scouts along with family-oriented problems such as marriage and parenthood. In doing so, Mezey emphasizes the complexity of the issues involved in the cases, and assesses the degree to which the outcome of the litigation is explained by the type of case, the type of court, and the judge's perception of his or her role as a policymaker. It is a valuable reference for scholars interested in judicial, legislative, and executive policymaking at the federal and state level as well as anyone interested in LGBT politics.
Mezey's work is an excellent primer on high-profile gay rights issues such as same-sex marriage and freedom of association. Superbly indexed by subject heading as well as case law, with an invaluable bibliography, and aimed at a scholarly audience, this is recommended mainly for academic and law libraries.