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Publication date:

27 November 2013

Length of book:

338 pages


Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

ISBN-13: 9781442222601

Now in its fifth edition, The New Politics of the Old South is the best and most comprehensive analysis and history of political behaviors and shifting demographics in America’s southern states. Edited by leading scholars Charles S. Bullock III and Mark J. Rozell, this book has been updated through the 2012 elections to provide the most accurate and useful snapshot of the state of southern politics, and the ways in which they have developed over time. The southern electorate is a fascinating, dynamic body politic, and the study of its evolution is paramount to understanding the broader political developments occurring at a national level. While accessible to any interested reader, this edition illuminates the South’s essential and growing role in the study, and the story, of American politics.
Bullock and Rozell have produced a unique edited book on southern politics. The editors have pulled together a series of case studies on each of the southern states that highlight how politics has changed in the modern era. The editors suggest that the southern states have diverged away from the rest of the country and have lost their cherished position in the American political system. Themes of religion, race, realignment, and demographic change appear through each unit. The contributors of the various chapters have done an excellent job of highlighting how southern political systems are responding to change in the country and within their own states, particularly with regard to Latinos and Hispanics. The strength of this volume is that each case study is data rich and the analysis is timely. . . .[T]he individual case studies should be required reading for any research project on specific states. Summing Up: Highly recommended. General readers, upper-division undergraduate students, graduate students, and research faculty.