Raising Multicultural Awareness in Higher Education

By (author) Ana Maria Klein

Paperback - £27.00

Publication date:

24 May 2012

Length of book:

108 pages



ISBN-13: 9780761859109

Raising Multicultural Awareness in Higher Education is written for teacher-candidates who are becoming culturally responsible and informed reflective practitioners. It is divided into eleven chapters and follows an organic exploration of theory and practice. The individual chapters of the textbook are broken down into two parts, (1) theory and (2) practical applications. These two distinct parts evolve as explorations of (1) self and other and (2) teaching and learning. As readers explore the contents of the textbook and carry out the suggested teaching and learning exercises, they will find themselves equipped with a toolkit for addressing multicultural education concerns.
Klein’s thin and powerful volume is a wake-up call to all teachers, teacher-candidates, and pre-service teachers that multicultural awareness should be a core in teacher preparation and continuing education. Klein’s practical guide assists us all in becoming aware and informed reflective practitioners…Klein ends by discussing popular culture and how it shapes our thinking about multicultural education. She argues persuasively for all involved in the preparation of citizens of the world to be celebratory and transforming in our multicultural educative efforts to teach with the values of empathy, equity, and excellence in mind.