Presenting Archaeology to the Public

Digging for Truths

Edited by John H. Jameson Jr.

Publication date:

04 February 1997

Length of book:

288 pages


AltaMira Press

ISBN-13: 9780761989080

In the face of increasing public interest and demand for information, archaeologists are collaborating with historians, museum curators, and exhibit designers to devise the best strategies for translating archaeological information to the public. This book opens doors for public involvement. It highlights successful case studies in which specialists have provided with the opportunity and necessary tools for learning about archaeology. Little Big Horn, Sabino Canyon, Monticello, and Poplar Forest are just a few of the historical sites featured.
The authors of most of these articles were the originators, organizers, or principals in the projects and they have generally presented the reader with information on what worked and what didn't work....Should prove useful for discussion in any class on public archaeology.