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Publication date:

04 February 2003

Length of book:

320 pages


Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

ISBN-13: 9780742519022

Since the 1990s, the international security environment has shifted radically. Leading states no longer play as great a role in regional conflicts, and thus a new opportunity for regional conflict management has opened. This collection of original essays is one of the first to examine the implications and efficacy of regional conflict management in the new world order. The editors' general overview provides a framework for analyzing regional conflict management efforts and the kinds of threats faced by actors in different regions of the world. Case studies from every major world region then place these factors into specific regional contexts and address a variety of challenges. Drawing together a diverse group of scholars from around the world, Regional Conflict Management provides key lessons for understanding conflict management over the globe.
Regional Conflict Management is an analytically sound and well-integrated synthesis of the new issues that have emerged in regional security. It provides an excellent combination of both theoretical background and empirical case studies covering Europe and the ex-Soviet republics, East and Southeast Asia, South Asia, Africa and Latin America. In each of the geographical case studies, the chapters explore incisively the global ramifications of regional conflicts, and alternative strategies of containment.