Juvenile Delinquency

A Sociological Approach

By (author) William E. Thompson, Jack E. Bynum

Paperback - £85.00

Publication date:

20 July 2016

Length of book:

470 pages


Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

ISBN-13: 9781442265004

This sophomore/junior level core text is intended for the juvenile delinquency course taught in criminal justice, criminology, and sociology departments at both four year and two year institutions.

Taking a sociological approach,
Juvenile Delinquency, Tenth Edition, discusses delinquency as it relates to and emerges from the youth's family, neighborhood, school, peer group, social class, and overall cultural and social environment. The author incorporates contributions from sociologists, psychologists, social workers, criminologists, and other specialists who have sought to understand, explain, control, and prevent juvenile delinquency.

New to this edition:
• All data on delinquents and delinquency derived from
FBI Uniform Crime Reports and Juvenile Court Statistics have been updated.
• Reports and analyses of contemporary school shootings and other violent youth behavior provide theoretical explanations of cause and suggest preventative measures. The etiology of this phenomenon will be expanded.
• The coverage of contemporary integrative theories of juvenile delinquency, including contributions from rational choice, deterrence, and feminist theory, have been expanded.

This book is accompanied by a learning package designed to enhance the experience of both instructors and students.

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I personally used Bill's JD textbook as a student and later a scholar. Bill Thompson stays fresh, relevant, and fun. His books are always just a good read. We need more scholars following in his footsteps.