Tribal Criminal Law and Procedure

By (author) Carrie E. Garrow, Sarah Deer

Paperback - £32.00

Publication date:

22 October 2004

Length of book:

454 pages


AltaMira Press

ISBN-13: 9780759107182

Tribal Criminal Law and Procedure is the second in a unique series of comprehensive studies of tribal law in the United States. This book examines the complex subject of tribal criminal law and procedure from a tribal perspective—utilizing tribal statutory law, tribal case law, and the cultural values of Native peoples. Garrow and Deer discuss in depth the histories, structures and practices of tribal justice systems, comparisons of traditional tribal justice with Anglo-American law and jurisdictions, elements of criminal law and procedure, and alternative sentencing and traditional sanctions. Tribal Criminal Law and Procedure will be an invaluable resource for legal scholars and students.

Published in cooperation with the Tribal Law and Policy Institute, visit their web page; Turtle Mountain Community College; and the Native Nations Law and Policy Center, University of California, Los Angeles.
Finally, a book examining the complex subject of criminal law and jurisdiction on Indian reservations from a tribal perspective, utilizing the decisions of tribal judges and borrowing from the cultural values of native persons. A comprehensive review of criminal law jurisdiction in Indian country that does not merely rehash the decisions from Anglo courts that touch on Indian issues merely in passing, Tribal Criminal Law and Procedure instead assesses the purpose of law and justice systems in Indian communities based upon the diverse mores and values of native peoples. This book would be an outstanding contribution to the study of criminal law and jurisdiction in Indian country in both tribal community colleges and other universities.