Critical Reasoning and Philosophy

A Concise Guide to Reading, Evaluating, and Writing Philosophical Works

By (author) M. Andrew Holowchak

Publication date:

22 August 2011

Length of book:

164 pages


Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

ISBN-13: 9781442205215

Critical Reasoning & Philosophy has been praised as an innovative and clearly written handbook that teaches new philosophy students how to read, evaluate, and write in a critical manner. Concise, accessible language and ample use of examples and study modules help students gain the basic knowledge necessary to succeed in undergraduate philosophy courses, and to apply that knowledge to achieve success in other disciplines as well. With a reorganized presentation, fresh modules, new examples and illustrations, the second edition is even more clear and accessible to students.
This clearly written manual aims to teach students in introductory courses some fundamental critical reasoning techniques for reading and writing philosophic materials. Though written for budding philosophers, this book will also benefit those undergraduates who want to write concise, tightly argued papers. Recommended.