Publication date:

19 January 2007

Length of book:

288 pages


AltaMira Press

ISBN-13: 9780759109667

Religion mattered to the prehistoric Southwestern people, just as it matters to their descendents today. Examining the role of religion can help to explain architecture, pottery, agriculture, even commerce. But archaeologists have only recently developed the theoretical and methodological tools with which to study this topic. Religion in the Prehispanic Southwest marks the first book-length study of prehistoric religion in the region. Drawing on a rich array of empirical approaches, the contributors show the importance of understanding beliefs and ritual for a range of time periods and southwestern societies. For professional and avocational archaeologists, for religion scholars and students, Religion in the Prehispanic Southwest represents an important contribution.
This volume is a welcome addition to archaeological study in the American Southwest. Papers explore a range of interesting topics including Katsina religion, iconography, ballgames, ceremonial architecture, and religious conflict. The editors should becommended for gathering such an up-to-date and balanced mix of Puebloan and Nonpuebloan traditions. Their choices reflect the growing and exciting innovations in the archaeology of religion in the region....