Flyover Country

Baby Boomers and Their Stories

By (author) Christopher Harper

Paperback - £31.00

Publication date:

02 December 2010

Length of book:

150 pages


Hamilton Books

ISBN-13: 9780761853329

Flyover Country focuses on a group of baby boomers who graduated from high school in 1969 in the Midwest before setting off into the world in a time of turbulence to fight in Vietnam, to protest against that war, to find jobs, to have families, and to live lives throughout the United States and overseas. Many of these people have made significant contributions to their communities as business owners, doctors, lawyers, ministers, politicians, and teachers. Many have suffered through tough times, losing their way due to alcohol or drugs or facing family crises from divorce to the death of a spouse or a child.
The story also is Harper's story. It is the story of a kid from flyover country who used what he learned in the Midwest to travel throughout the world as a journalist and then as a college professor to try to teach those lessons to his students.
…In Flyover Country you'll meet the dreamers, poets, stoners, jocks, cheerleaders, and anonymous faces that were part of the Class of '69. Then, you'll meet them again, as they are today. Travel the hard road with Harper as the lessons of high school teach him to walk in the deepest black forests.