Internationalizing Teacher Education in the United States

Edited by Beverly D. Shaklee, Supriya Baily

Hardback - £76.00

Publication date:

08 March 2012

Length of book:

268 pages


Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

ISBN-13: 9781442212480

As countries become increasingly interdependent, student populations in the United States are becoming more culturally diverse. These students’ transnational perspectives present significant challenges to teachers, but a disconnect exists between the skills teachers need and those provided to them by colleges of education. As teacher preparation programs continue to cater to historic models of diversity, the programs show a glaring lack of recognition for the recent changes in school and community populations.

Internationalizing Teacher Education in the United Statesexamines the impact of globalization on teacher education in the United States, explains the current barriers to teacher education becoming more internationally minded, and presents possible solutions for teacher education programs to consider. Other books address the multi-national challenges faced by American education in the 21st century, but this book takes it one step further, offering teacher educators practical and theoretical explorations of their vital role in the education of contemporary student populations in the United States.
This collection of chapters from a range of those involved in the theory and practice of teacher education is both welcome and timely. The impact of internationalization on the modalities of professional development for teachers in the USA is explored from a range of standpoints by an authoritative group of contributors, ably crafted by the co-editors. It will be of interest to a much wider community of practitioners and researchers than those of North America, for the issues that are raised are those which are of concern and importance on a global scale.