Publication date:

18 July 2016

Length of book:

200 pages


Lexington Books

ISBN-13: 9781498541060

Women of Color Navigating Mentoring Relationships explores and critically examines the opportunities and challenges presented in mentoring relationships involving women of color. While all mentoring relationships are unique to the individuals involved in them, this book highlights the roles of race, class, and gender-oriented constructions in the establishment, maintenance, and dissolution of specific mentoring relationships in which women of color are engaged. This edited collection argues that traditional notions of mentoring fail to account for intersectionality and power dynamics that can have profound effects on mentoring practices, and that institutional “best practices” for mentoring do little to address the impact of constructions of “otherness” on the success (or failure) of mentoring relationships involving women of color.. Recommended for scholars of communication studies, gender studies, race studies, and for scholars pursuing a career in academia.
Women of Color Navigating Mentoring Relationships is a stellar addition to the field of mentoring research. As a mentor program director, this collection provides a progressive framework for intercultural dynamics, which I intend to use for program change. I have looked a long time for a comprehensive book that digs more critically into issues of race, class, and identity in mentoring. This is a fantastic collection! The personal voices in this book offered insights that no other form of academic discourse could offer. My thanks to the writers for their vulnerability and teachings in these pages.