Little House of Oxymorons

with commentaries

By (author) Steven Carter

Paperback - £27.00

Publication date:

20 April 2010

Length of book:

92 pages


Hamilton Books

ISBN-13: 9780761851035

Eschewing old clunkers like "military intelligence" and "student-athlete," this volume features well over 200 fresh and original oxymorons with commentaries-all with a satirical twist. As a satire, Little House of Oxymorons complements Steven Carter's The New Devil's Dictionary, a two-volume "sequel" to Ambrose Bierce's notorious The Devil's Dictionary of a century ago.

Cover image: Allison O'Donnell, Resist, 2008. Acrylic and graphite painting on rag board.
Steven Carter's triumph is to have established a sort of universal ethic of 'how to be,' while promoting at the same time a holistic view of human beings in individual social, cultural, and psychological contexts.