Moving from Teacher Isolation to Collaboration

Enhancing Professionalism and School Quality

By (author) Sharon Conley, Bruce S. Cooper

Publication date:

28 August 2013

Length of book:

194 pages


R&L Education

ISBN-13: 9781475802696

Teaching embodies many roles -- in the classroom through teacher-student interactions, and beyond the classroom through teacher-adult interactions. This book explains and demonstrates how collaboration and teamwork can help enhance professionalism and school quality by overcoming teachers' isolation in the classroom, in the school, and in their work. The contributing authors address: historic patterns of isolation; why collaboration is crucial for vibrant and sustained professionalism; principles of successful team collaboration in schools and other sectors; school districts' structure and support for collaborative teams; forces that motivate or restrain teachers' ability to collaborate; how teachers in grade-level teams perceive the quality of their training and support; team members' perceptions of their work in departments; teachers' use of evidence of student learning to improve teacher and organizational learning; and teacher-principal collaboration from the perspectives of exemplary teachers. These chapters provide insight into the complexity of teachers' roles, and indicate the necessity to build collaboration within the school and beyond.
In the face of unrelenting and often irrational challenges to public education, the teaching profession risks becoming less and less desirable to many. Conley and Cooper offer ways to strengthen both the professionalism and desirability of teaching. Their emphasis on collaboration and professionalism promises to enrich teachers' work and to strengthen schools as well.