Building a Bridge to Success

From Program Improvement to Excellence

By (author) Bonita M. Drolet, Deborah Turner

Publication date:

16 September 2010

Length of book:

176 pages


R&L Education

ISBN-13: 9781607097952

Principals want all students to bridge the achievement gap. Sometimes they just don't know how to make it happen. This book looks at what successful principals do to close the achievement gap and move their schools from one that needs improvement to one that is succeeding for all students.
With current federal legislation, a principal who does not reach the proficiency mandates on the prescribed timetable ends up with a great deal of second guessing and community outcry. How can a principal avoid that result and instead be recognized as someone who went above and beyond to be sure that all of the students crossed the gap successfully in the right place and at the right time? In this book, the authors provide principals with the "how" to exit Program Improvement, the "protocol for success" that professionals in other fields have access to on a daily basis. Principals reading this handbook will have at their fingertips detailed descriptions of the behaviors needed to build success.
Building a Bridge to Success provides a clear path that will drive instructional leaders towards great success. You will instantly identify with each principal's story as they grapple with their daily challenges. Simply said, if you only buy one book this year, let this be the one.