Stress Relief

The Ultimate Teen Guide

By (author) Mark Powell Other Kelly Adams

Publication date:

06 November 2002

Length of book:

112 pages


Scarecrow Press

ISBN-13: 9780810844339

Many teenagers feel beleaguered in a world where they face increasingly high expectations but greater uncertainties at home, at school, and in the world at large. From fear-inducing infomercials about AIDS and the hazards of smoking, drugs, and drinking, to the War on Terrorism and the threat of biological warfare or worse, today's teens are dealing with adult issues and problems previous generations were not. With little power to control or affect outcomes, it's no wonder that stress and stress-related problems have become widespread among today's young people.

Mark Powell has written Stress Relief specifically to make eliminating stress an art form. Written in a style that appeals to a teen audience, this accessible volume is not about managing stress, but rather about preventing and avoiding it and eliminating the feelings it causes. This is a clear, grounded, and masterly guide, playful and energetic in its voice, yet, at the same time, challenging and inspiring. This book is packed with insightful thoughts, ideas, and techniques like breathing exercises, meditation, affirmation and creative visualization, and tips on herbs and bodywork. It empowers teens by giving them control over their lives.
...employs comprehensive, accessible, and current information presented clearly with user-friendly organization.