The Power of Project-Based Learning

Helping Students Develop Important Life Skills

By (author) Scott D. Wurdinger

Publication date:

25 July 2016

Length of book:

140 pages


Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

ISBN-13: 9781475827644

Project-based learning is a teaching approach that motivates and inspires students to learn and helps them to become self-directed learners over time. Students learn not only the content surrounding their projects, but also important life skills such as problem-solving, creativity, collaboration, communication, time management, and responsibility. Author Scott Wurdinger has implemented this approach over the past ten years in his own classrooms, has conducted numerous research studies on this topic, and has seen the effectiveness of project-based learning firsthand.

This book provides information on the history, research, and application of the project-based learning approach and should be read by educators who want to change their classrooms into dynamic exciting learning environments. Educators will learn everything they need to know about how to implement this approach in their classrooms, as well as how to help students create meaningful, relevant projects that can help impact and solve school, community, and even global problems. Read this book and bring project-based learning to your classroom!
With The Power of Project-Based Learning, Scott Wurdinger shows us of the benefits of immersive learning experiences that put students in authentic roles as problem solvers and engaged citizens. Multiple examples, from high school through higher education, show how PBL accomplishes serious academic aims while imparting significant life lessons. Wurdinger makes a strong research case for PBL, but the most compelling arguments in favor of this instructional approach come from students themselves who emerge from projects more creative, better connected to their communities, and well prepared for whatever challenges they choose to tackle next.