The Talmud for Beginners


By (author) Judith Z. Abrams

Publication date:

01 January 1991

Length of book:

202 pages


Jason Aronson, Inc.

ISBN-13: 9780876687192

The Talmud is filled with knowledge, inspiration, and insights that enrich all facets of Jewish life. Yet many are intimidated by the thought of studying its text, and their hesitancy prevents them from experiencing the wisdom of its words. In this new volume, Rabbi Judith Abrams takes readers with her on a journey through one volume of the Talmud, offering reassuring guidance and making it meaningful and accessible to all. The Talmud for BeginnersDVolume 1: Prayer is the first book in a series by Rabbi Abrams. For lay readers who are unfamiliar with Talmud, this work serves as an introduction to talmudic thought. For those who are familiar with talmudic methodology, this volume will serve as a convenient overview of one book of the Talmud, Berachot (literally, 'blessings').
All too often Talmud dissembles into a mass of details, some fascinating but many others esoteric or irrelevant. In this book, Rabbi Abrams identifies the underlying grand themes that pull it all together. She takes the novice by the hand, gently walking him/her through complex logical analyses, until the beauty of the complete structure comes into sight. By weaving lively examples of loving relationships between human beings into her explanations, Rabbi Abrams not only clarifies the nature of a Jew's relationship to God, but prods the reader into grappling with some of the larger religious issues of the day. In short, like Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz, she makes the study of Talmud inviting instead of intimidating.