Surviving School Stress

Strategies for Well-Being in Today's Complex World

By (author) Marcel Lebrun Contributions by Eric Mann

Publication date:

12 October 2016

Length of book:

174 pages


Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

ISBN-13: 9781475820478

Surviving School Stress provides the reader with fundamental components of different types of stress, stressors, and strategies for interventions. In Part I, Dr. Lebrun breaks down the individual components of each type of stress and provides readers with a clear understanding of the key concepts and essential questions needed to be able to effectively intervene with children and adolescents within a school or home setting.

Part II of the book provides a framework for educators to use to guide small and large group lessons in a school setting. Each lesson can be individually presented. The small group lessons are meant to guide students in a very focused direction. The general classroom lessons can be adapted depending on the needs of the group within that particular classroom. This resource is suitable for all special education teachers, general classroom teachers at the K-12 levels, behavior consultants, and school mental health counselors.
I like how easy the curriculum is to present. I don’t have time in my schedule to create a thoughtful curriculum. This includes everything I need; logically organized, step by step.
The checklists early in the program allow students to reflect and have a deeper understanding of their values and stressors without the added anxiety of having to share out in a group they may not trust yet. Later, when students have grown to trust the group, they are able to share personal thoughts and feelings, making the experience powerful for all of them.