Understanding Systems of e-Government

e-Federalism and e-Centralism in the United States and Kazakhstan

By (author) Maxat Kassen

Hardback - £75.00

Publication date:

06 November 2015

Length of book:

188 pages


Lexington Books

ISBN-13: 9781498526593

The main purpose of the book was to analyze heterogeneous political and institutional aspects in the development of such an arguably universal tool of modern democracy as e-government from the perspectives of two nations with completely different systems of governance and traditions of public administration and provide generalizations on objective institutional limitations that indirectly affect the implementation of political and administrative decision-making in this area by governments of the United States and Kazakhstan, representing respectively the typical federal and unitary state.

This book is both a policy review and agenda setting research. By applying case studies of e-government strategies in these two different countries both at the national and local levels and analyzing corresponding legal and institutional foundations, it offers ways forward for further hypothesis testing and proposes a road map for e-government practitioners to improve the strategic policy in this area in Kazakhstan and other developing nations. It provides recommendations on how to improve the regulatory and methodological basis for effective implementation of interactive and transactional services as well as how to solve challenges of an organizational character in realization of e-government projects at the national level, for example, by resorting to a promising phenomenon of civic engagement and citizen-sourcing, creation of open data-driven platforms and provision of information security measures, project outreach in social media, etc.
The biggest strength of this book is its comparative perspective and it greatly contributes to comparative e-government studies. The book is also interesting with its focus on a developed and developing country at the same time. This could be the most comprehensive book written on e-government systems in Kazakhstan.