Managing the Graduate School Experience

From Acceptance to Graduation and Beyond

By (author) Mark H. Rossman, Kim Muchnick, Nicole Benak

Publication date:

28 May 2015

Length of book:

182 pages


Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

ISBN-13: 9781475817935

Knowledge is power. Simply stated, Managing the Graduate School Experience: From Acceptance to Graduation and Beyond provides graduate students with power as it helps them to understand and complete a graduate degree, regardless of how the degree is offered — online or on-campus. It also encourages them to take control of the graduate school process as much as possible and negotiate with faculty and the administration regarding all aspects of the program.

Some additional key features of this book include:

  • Experienced faculty members who have served on more than 400 graduate committees, have chaired more than 100 doctoral dissertations and eighty master’s theses, and have instructed thousands of learners on their journey to earning their degree
  • Reflections of more than fifty cumulative years of graduate school experience
  • A non-technical, no jargon, easy-to-read style. Succinct and to the point
  • A Student centered approach that has helped hundreds of graduate students complete graduate degrees
Managing the Graduate School Experience: From Acceptance to Graduation and Beyond pitches itself as the streamlined, comprehensive guide to the doctorate. . . .A chapter called 'Can I Really Get a Ph.D.?' gets the ball rolling with discussions of the impact of study on family life, the importance of time management, learning types and reasons for wanting a Ph.D. Further chapters discuss choosing a program and degree type (including online) and financing one’s degree — including how to avoid financial aid scams. For those who’ve decided to proceed and have been accepted, there’s talk of choosing a dissertation committee, preparing for comprehensive exams and pitching a dissertation idea. There’s some practical advice on how to defend a dissertation and a note on what’s next — such as how to copyright or publish one’s work.