Multicultural Perspectives in Music Education

Edited by William M. Anderson, Patricia Shehan Campbell

Publication date:

16 January 2011

Length of book:

274 pages


R&L Education

ISBN-13: 9781607095453

With Multicultural Perspectives in Music Education, you can explore musics from around the world with your students in a meaningful way. Broadly based and practically oriented, the book will help you develop curriculum for an increasingly multicultural society. Ready-to-use lesson plans make it easy to bring many different but equally logical musical systems into your classroom. The authors-a variety of music educators and ethnomusicologists-provide plans and resources to broaden your students' perspectives on music as an important aspect of culture both within the United States and globally.
These ambitious volumes are made by and for practical-minded educators. Accomplished, marquee-name leaders in culturally inclusive music education join with rising young stars of the field to craft a cornucopia of multicultural resources. Written in plain language and with authority born of on-the-ground classroom experience, chapter after chapter guides us into a unique cultural territory, introducing values, aesthetic principles, and structures that generate and shape musical expression. In each case, a treasure trove of get-it-done lessons is our reward. In their "Introduction," editors William M. Anderson and Patricia Shehan Campbell empower us to eliminate barriers and blind spots that hinder crosscultural learning and to open our minds to different ways of comprehending and teaching musical knowledge. More than ever, this third and expanded edition delivers on the promise of its title: Multicultural Perspectives in Music Education.