Publication date:

31 August 2006

Length of book:

268 pages


Jason Aronson, Inc.

ISBN-13: 9780765704252

Adoption is a transformational process bringing parenthood to those who long for but cannot bear children and giving stranded children home, family, and their place in the world. But every adoption is preceded and followed by its story and when these stories are told in the offices of psychotherapists we begin to understand the impact of adoption in all its complexity. We learn from parents how their quest to have and raise a child has played out in real life, and what shadows might have fallen between the dream and the reality. And we learn from the children the many ways that being adopted shaped their development, their sense of identity; what went wrong along the way and how we may help. Clinical work with parents and children as well as with adults who were adopted is the focus of Understanding Adoption.

Because adoption has become widely practiced, accepted, and accessible, and because it has greatly changed the composition of families, it is a timely subject for study. The authors of this book undertake exploration of this important terrain of loss and connection, and of the fragility and resilience of human bonds.
Rarely has an edited volume on the topic of adoption offered so rich a collection of chapters steeped in theory and clinical practice examples. ...clinicians working with this population could find few better uses for the modest purchase price of the paperback version of Understanding Adoption. However, the use many readers will make of this volume might warrant investing in a hardback copy....