Publication date:

22 March 2005

Length of book:

264 pages


Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

ISBN-13: 9780742542686

This collection breaks new ground in four key areas of feminist social thought: the sex/gender debates; challenges to liberalism/equality; feminist ethics; and feminist perspectives on global ethics and politics in the 21st century. Altogether, the essays provide an innovative look at feminist philosophy while making substantive contributions to current debates in gender theory, ethics, and political thought.
Feminist Interventions not only adds to the literatures in traditional areas of philosophical inquiry, such as metaphysics and value theory; it also shows how feminist thought continues to transform these areas, not only with new approaches to old questions, but with new questions as well. This book smartly and uniquely captures much of the evolution of feminist philosophy in North America over the past quarter century, illuminating some of the most significant disagreements among contemporary feminists. Finally, it contributes substantially and critically to the literature on feminist practice on three issues that have emerged as crucial for many contemporary feminist theorists and activists—essentialism, coalition, and resistance—while adding powerfully to the public discourse on globalization, terrorism, and war. Beautifully conceived, this is an extremely rich collection on feminist discourse as it is unfolding today. It is not to be missed.