Market Economics and Political Change

Comparing China and Mexico

Contributions by Gaye Christoffersen, Jorge I. Dominguez, David D. Finley, David Hendrickson, Lorenzo Meyer, Robert A. Packenham, Pitman B. Potter Edited by Juan D. Lindau, Timothy Cheek

Hardback - £112.00

Publication date:

11 June 1998

Length of book:

320 pages


Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

ISBN-13: 9780847687329

Does market liberalization promote democracy? The accepted answer from scholars, pundits, and politicians alike has been yes. However, the contributors to this innovative study of market reforms and political change in Mexico and the People's Republic of China argue that this easy equation is not only empirically uncertain but methodologically flawed. Using comparative contextual analysis, the contributors carefully identify the elective affinities between these two very different polities to reveal key variables that determine how markets will affect democracy, particularly law as the 'rudder of democracy' and the role of political culture in civil society.
A unique undertaking and a delight. By putting Mexico and China side by side and setting the task of comparison in an entirely new context, the editors are able to tackle many of the old questions about political culture, political development, and state-society relations in entirely new and original ways.