Nurturing the Whole Student

Five Dimensions of Teaching and Learning

By (author) Clifford Mayes, Ellen Williams

Paperback - £26.00

Publication date:

06 November 2012

Length of book:

144 pages


R&L Education

ISBN-13: 9781475800838

Nurturing the Whole Student: Five Dimensions of Teaching and Learning begins with the assumption that education is at its best—healthiest, most engaging, and most effective—when it is holistic. By holistic , the authors mean that the various dimensions of the teacher and student are honored and nurtured throughout the education process. These dimensions are organic, psychodynamic, cultural, academic, and existential. Nurturing the Whole Student contends that any truly humane educational theory or practice must celebrate and cultivate these facets of the student-teacher relationship. In readily-accessible theoretical terms—as well as in practical suggestions for classroom application—the authors demonstrate how holistic education is an antidote to the standardized approaches to education that breed failure, alienation, and discouragement in the classroom. Systematically broken down into five thematic chapters, this teacher's guide will help any educator foster the five dimensions of teaching and learning.
In this highly interesting and useful book, Mayes and Williams present the best of holistic educational theory and practice. Mayes offers a powerful argument about why—especially in the current climate of standardized education—it is so crucial to nurture the various aspects of the student as a physical, psychological, cultural, cognitive and ethical being. Williams lays out a rich array of classroom activities across the grade levels to help the teacher translate theory into practice. It is suitable for undergraduate and graduate classes in curriculum and instruction and also for teacher development. I highly recommend it.