So You Want To Be A Superintendent?

By (author) William Hayes

Publication date:

07 February 2001

Length of book:

160 pages


R&L Education

ISBN-13: 9780810839281

The perfect primer for anyone interested in becoming a superintendent. Veteran superintendent, William Hayes shares his insight and experience in areas ranging from relationships with the Boards of Education, faculty, staff, the administrative team, and the media to balancing the public and personal life of a chief school officer. He closely analyzes current issues in education such as integrating technology into the school system and the legal problems facing superintendents and school districts. a valuable guide filled with insight based on many years of experiences. Clearly, Hayes is in tune with the skills needed for success as a superintendent. School board members and current superintendents should give copies of this work to those they have identified as up-and-coming leaders. This book could also serve as a discussion point on the value of being a superintendent.