The Board and Superintendent Handbook

Current Issues and Resources

Edited by Amy E. Van Deuren, Thomas F. Evert, Bette A. Lang

Publication date:

30 September 2015

Length of book:

154 pages


Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

ISBN-13: 9781475815498

The Board and Superintendent Handbook: Current Issues and Resources is a practical guide for both board members and superintendents. The book includes contributions from experienced and new superintendents and board members on a wide range of topics that boards and superintendents must navigate together successfully in order to move districts in a positive direction for students, staff, parents, and communities.
Superintendents seeking to work effectively with school boards will find useful counsel in The Board and Superintendent Handbook. This book addresses key issues related to orienting school board members to the complex role of the superintendency in guiding high performing school systems.The editors, all Wisconsin-based educational leaders now working in higher education, have selected a thoughtful array of perspectives to stimulate thinking and action by superintendents and board members in their governance and leadership roles. One valuable inclusion is an essay by former Indiana superintendent Raymond Golarz about the importance of powerful teachers and how they contribute to our national well-being. The handbook explores teacher compensation issues, consultant management actions and educational technology. Additionally, the editors identify many resources that will be helpful for superintendents and boards struggling to manage their relationships with professional associations and consultants. It also highlights the important role of the superintendent’s administrative assistant in maintaining a smooth working relationship with board members.