What Would My Class Look Like If I Believed in Myself More?

By (author) Carolyn Orange

Publication date:

15 April 2016

Length of book:

160 pages


Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

ISBN-13: 9781475806519

This book is a treasure trove of information, generously sprinkled with gems of wisdom and insights for helping teachers to eradicate doubt and uncertainty about their teaching. The dynamism of the book is fueled by a highly effective 3-step Believe in Yourself Process, designed to help teachers modify their belief system about their teaching efficacy. Custom exercises are used to encourage deep introspection, to modify awareness, and to inspire change. Expert techniques and approaches are offered for improving all aspects of classroom teaching such as climate, function, teacher persona, and best practices for instruction.

This book will be a personal catalyst for successful change from doubtful to doubt-free teaching. This book invites you to record your thoughts and responses as you read, providing a treasure map for discovering unearthed possibilities for your new, doubt-free teaching efficacy and classroom excellence.
This book is an exceptional tool for the professional development of teachers. It offers a compelling journey into sources of doubt that will serve to empower teachers.