Religion and Spirituality in America

The Ultimate Teen Guide

By (author) Kathlyn Gay

Hardback - £47.00

Publication date:

09 October 2006

Length of book:

144 pages


Scarecrow Press

ISBN-13: 9780810855083

The United States has more religious groups than any other country in the world. Religion and Spirituality in America: The Ultimate Teen Guide provides an introduction to some of the diverse religious practices, traditions, and expressions in the United States and focuses on how teenagers view their particular religious faith (or lack of it), what they believe, what conflicts they encounter, and how they relate to others whose religions differ from theirs.

This book is designed for the inquisitive youth searching for answers to life's most difficult questions related to religion and spirituality. Whether these young people are well into their teen years or just entering them, they will gravitate to this book because of its direct, up-to-date information, riveting teen views, and lively illustrations. Besides highlighting singular facts, author Kathlyn Gay offers the latest reading lists, web sites, and an index for quick reference. Perfect for browsing, there's loads of expert information to help parents, guardians, and especially teens understand and respect the vast religious differences that exist in the United States.
About 40 percent of today's teenagers are curious enough about religion and spirituality to visit faith-based websites each month, and this series of narratives and points of fact punctuated with explanatory text helps by describing a range of beliefs and their applications, focusing on learning and tolerance. It describes the religious diversity now in the US, the concept of the separation of church and state, the relationship between religion and politics, religious restrictions and protections, religion in everyday life, religious rites of passage most closely associated with the teen years, lesser-known belief systems such as Wicca, what agnostics and atheists believe, and the process of getting to know others' beliefs.